We've seen that Dog the Bounty Hunter has had a rough time since Beth's death less than a year ago, but maybe Dog the Bounty Hunter has another chance at a forever love.

It's no secret that Dog was feeling lonely, he openly talked about those emotions, but the world was taken by surprise after his shocking proposal on Dr. Oz.

And I don't think anyone really saw that proposal coming, as his family didn't approve of him seeing Moon Angell anyway. Then, the proposal didn't end up happening at all. Instead, Dog ended things with Angell and she moved out. A few months later, he was seeing someone new. In fact, Dog was spotted in a Denver Walmart with a woman who had her hand in his back pocket, and now he is engaged to that woman. Her name is Francie Frane and she recently lost her husband. The two connected after Dog had called about a job for her husband. Fran returned the call, and I guess you could say the rest is history.

With the couple going on walks and working in tractors, the two seem pretty busy and cozy. We couldn't be happier to see Dog turning over a new leaf!

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