After watching this, you'll have ammo for the next time your spouse/parent/roommate calls you a slob. Just show them this video and they'll think you're the cleanest person in the world.

This house that's for sale in Houston, Tex. is so disgusting. It's covered in pet hair, animal feces, and an ungodly amount of trash. Local law enforcement and neighbors have called the house a safety concern, and someone even spent over $1,000 to clean it up to help out with the smell. The real loser here, though, is the bank that holds the mortgage. They haven't received a payment in over 23 months and are ordering the realtor to accept no less than $230,000 for the property. Yeah, right.

The previous owners housed 12 dogs, 6 cats, and one potbellied pig in the home. The animals were left alone, including once when the family went to Disneyland. Unfortunately, this arrangement didn't work out too well for the pig, as he was eaten by the dozen dogs who were left without enough food. R.I.P. Hammy.

Would you buy this house?