I consider myself a mean Bloody Mary maker. Now that there's preseason NFL action on TV, got me thinking about my favorite Sunday-Funday beverage. Again, being new to the area, where's the best Bloody Mary around?

Rumor has it, Peach Street Distillers makes the best. I've made it out there but its's been so hot lately that the thought of a Bloody Mary didn't seem all that appealing. However, I'm getting a jones going now just thinking about it. I always mention those Sunday $4 Bloody Mary's at Cruisers every Friday afternoon while I'm on the air.  Again, I haven't tried one yet. So where else? I'm on a mission to try a few this Sunday.  All I need is some direction.

Like any great chef or bartender for that matter, I can't share my Bloody Mary recipe. I can tell you if you're not sure where to start, Zing Zang is a pretty good choice. They're my favorite mixer and I've enjoyed many a Zing Zang Mary at a many a tailgate party.

It's not quite tailgate time yet, but I'm ready to try the best the Grand Valley has to offer so, where should I head this Sunday-Funday?