The subject of balding is very near and dear to my heart as I was blessed with two grandpas and a dad who all were missing the same thing... Hair. I know my head is a ticking time bomb that will soon only allow a comb-over, and I am not too excited about it. Turns out I am not alone, and other bald dudes would give up a lot to have their hair back. 

According to a recent survey by the NPD Group, thinning hair is a concern for almost 70% of guys, probably because most also believe a nice head of hair is the secret to getting lucky in love. These dudes want hair so bad that they'd be happy to sacrifice some vices in exchange for a full head of hair... Including beer and porn!

There’s one thing only eight percent would be willing to give up- sex. No surprise there since that's why dudes want hair, so they can get laid. What would be the purpose of having hair if you couldn't get laid because you gave up sex?

Awhile back I made a video that pointed out some of the issues I face with my baldness...