They say that opposites attract, but in the case of this Texas couple, it really seems to be the case.

Up until a few years ago, Tommy Sonnen was a cattle rancher. His wife Renee was an animal lover and no matter how much Tommy warned her to not get attached to the animals, it happened anyway. She would frequently hang out with the cows in the pasture, talking and even singing to them. Then, Renee turned vegan, and all hope of their marriage succeeding began to crumble.

Tommy eventually decided to sell the herd and get out of the business all together. But Renee figured that if he was going to sell the cattle, he may as well sell them to her. So with the $30,000 she had raised through a fundraiser on her blog (that her husband didn't know about), she bought the entire herd!

The couple now runs the Rowdy Girl Vegan Farm Animal Sanctuary. Tommy even stopped eating meat himself! That is definitely not where we expected this story to end.