Real Americans in Moore Oklahoma came out in force against the Westboro Baptist church protesters and ran them off. Last May an F5 tornado hit the Moore community devastating them and the Westboro Baptist church came out in protest saying God did this to Moore because of their sins. Well, the kind folks at the Westboro Baptist church got a taste of their own medicine today.

The Westboro Baptist church returned to Moore to protest and what they found was a very pissed off community in Oklahoma. The God fearing people of the Westboro Baptist church have been protesting for years at fallen American soldier’s funerals and I can’t remember them finding anything like this.

Maybe the American public is getting fed up with this homophobic, anti-Semitic hate group that seems to know Gods thoughts. They are very quick to tell everyone that the bad things that happen is God’s will but they seem to pick and choose which parts of the good book they like. They whole thing about judging people seems to be lost on them.

I hope more of these protest take place against the folks of the Westboro Baptist Church. They have their right to believe what they want but do they have the right to force their views down our throats or disgrace real American heroes with their hate filled protest?