Looking to buy a gun in Colorado? You may be waiting longer on your background check -- up to 9 days longer. Why the long wait?

With the uproar on stricter gun control policies, Colorado has seen a huge upswing in firearm sales leading the Colorado Bureau of Investigation to become flooded with criminal background checks.

The Denver Posts reports, that as of Wednesday, the CBI had 11,420 checks waiting in the queue. A process that usually takes minutes, is now taking 9 days or more.

According to the Denver Post:

"In 2012 through November, there were 34,117 more background checks submitted to the CBI for processing than in all of 2011 — a 14 percent increase, according to CBI data."

Legislators are discussing charging gun buyers a fee to run the criminal background check -- around $10. This would help cover the extra funds the CBI needs to fund new technologies and speed up the checking process.

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