September 25th 1980 Rock-N-Roll lost one of the great drummers. John Henry Bonham was found dead at the home of Jimmy Page of asphyxiation on his own vomit. The band was rehearsing for the upcoming U.S. tour, which was canceled after his death. The news ran through the rock world like a wild fire.

I was in Junior high school in-between classes when I heard the new. I had a radio in my locker and when I flipped it on, K-SHE was coming out of ‘Over the Hills and Far Away’, Radio Rich Dalton came on and broke the news that John “Bonzo” Bonham was dead.

I couldn’t believe it, This is one of the greatest bands of all time and now Bonzo is gone. I remember even some of my teachers where shocked at the news.

It really bummed me out. They had just announced the fall U.S. tour for the band and they were playing four dates in Chicago from November 10th through the 15th. My birthday is the 17th and my uncle was taking me to see Led Zeppelin for my 14th Birthday.

I was so pumped for the show and now I would never get to see one of my favorite bands. I had all of their albums on vinyl and would play them all the time. So much so my mother knew Led Zeppelin tracks.

For my 14th birthday I went to see a St. Louis Blues play the Detroit Red Wings, The Blues won the game 6-2. It was a great time but I still wish I had gotten to see Led Zeppelin.