People will argue all day about whether or not the new iPhone is any good or not. But the one iPhone 5C feature that everyone can agree is awesome is the slow motion camera capability. People have been filming and uploading non-stop. But can you guess what kind of slow-mo video has gotten the most visibility?

I kind of get it: boobs are awesome and mesmerizing, and they look cool in slow-mo on account of the fact that they're basically two wonders of physics strapped to the chest of half the population. But the amount of people who have viewed this pair, that I don't even think is that great, is crazy to me!

And call me an old man, but it seems extra silly to me that people would spend hours waiting in an outdoor line in order to be among the first of their peers to purchase what is amounting to an expensive boob recording machine. Even if this version of it does come in a cool gold color.