Actually, that whole title is bogus, and the Denver Nuggets haven't acquired one of the funniest men on the planet. But they have acquired a dude who looks identical to him, guard Aaron Brooks, in a trade. And since the Nuggets aren't worth watching play basketball this season, I thought I would give you something to watch for. 

The Nuggets traded guard Jordan Hamilton to the Houston Rockets for Brooks.

While I am sure Aaron Brooks couldn't go out and replicate Chris Rock's performance in Bring the Pain, just about anyone could pull off Rock's less than stellar turn in Head of State. Don't get me wrong though, this isn't some blockbuster trade. Brooks hasn't been the most productive player in the NBA, so he will fit right in with the Nuggets this year.

By the way, if you care, the Nuggets also dealt Andre Miller to the Washington Wizards.

WOOOHOOO pro basketball! But I bet you look next time the Nuggets are on TV!

Because this is way better to watch than the Nuggets this year, here is some funny-ass Chris Rock stand-up (it has super strong language that may piss off your boss)...