The U.S. opening ceremony uniforms for the Winter Olympics in Sochi debuted on The Today Show this week. And coming from a guy, me, who likes to go against the mainstream and even get flashy at times, I think these things are hideous! 

The knitted hat and mittens are the only part of the uniform that I do like. Simple, and modern.

Then you move down to the ugly sweater that is really busy with flags, and stars, and logos, and words. If I saw that at a thrift store around Christmas I would have bought it for an ugly sweater party!

As for the pants/leggings. First off, did we just climb out of bed for the world to see us? Why sweat pants? Also, they are way too tight, especially for the dudes! And white? The worst color you can pick for pants unless you want the whole world to see what you are wearing under your white pants!

Finally, the boots. They may be the worst part of the whole get up. They look like military boots mixed with bad 80's fashion. And they add to the whole just rolled out of bed look.

I didn't know Ralph Lauren still made clothes, but I think it's about time he stopped!

Peter Kramer/NBC/NBC NewsWire via Getty Images