My Pet Peeve?…It’s Those That Toss Trash Out Of Their Cars
I hate litterbugs! Having lived and worked in several cities over the past couple of decades, Wichita, Topeka, KC, and now Junction, it doesn't seem to matter, I see the evidence of their presence, those that think it's ok to toss their trash out, whenever and wherever, they feel like it.
Man Ends Up In Dumpster, Survives Dirty Ride [Video]
There have been stories where a person was accidentally dumped into the back of a garbage truck and crushed inside it, which is always an unfortunate story.
This guy, though, was dumped into the back of a garbage truck because he was going through a dumpster, but was lucky enough to not be crushed.
Bob’s Burgers Debuts Edible Food Packaging
There's the cartoon Bob's Burgers and there's the real-life Bob's burgers in Brazil. The Brazilian chain introduced something to customers which could one day help save the plant. Ideal for the environmentally friendly and the lazy, Bob's burgers gave customers a taste of wh…