95 Rock

Feel The Heat
Better buckle up. There’s nothing quite like the rock & roll of a Reverend Horton Heat concert. This high octane rockabilly show is coming to The Mesa Theater Thursday night.
HardDrive Hits Junction
Get ready Junction! Harddrive radio hits the airwaves next Saturday night January 21st! America's best hard rock radio show is on 95 Rock!
RUSH “Time Stand Still” Review
In 2015, Rush went out for a 40th-anniversary tour; rumored to be the last tour of its kind and the end of their life on the road. The documentary covers the R40 tour and the unique relationship Rush have with their devoted fans. As one of those fans, I caught 3 shows on the R40 tour and attended th…
Free Concert At The Mesa Theater!
Yes, I said FREE! Now just because it's free don't think it's some band you don't care to see. Quite the opposite. QUOR is amazing! We here at 95 Rock were able to work our magic, and with some routing luck, we have them here and it's FREE!
Dee Snider And The House Of Hair Is On 95 Rock
Dee Snider is set to take you on a 3-hour ride into headbanger’s heaven every Sunday at 12noon on The House of Hair! It’s the biggest and longest-running rock show in the U.S. and for good reason, it kicks ass! Right here, on Western Colorado's Best Rock, 95…
An Exclusive Interview with a Clown
After confirmed sightings of a scary/creepy clown in Junction last week, the story has continued to grow. There are sightings all over Junction. Then this morning,  Fox News reports, "Ronald McDonald is laying low amid creepy clown sightings." This is getting out of control! T…

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