The Colorado State Patrol kicks off their annual 'Click it of Ticket' program today and not wearing your seatbelt could cost you big. Not wearing your seatbelt will cost you $65 bucks and if you child is unrestrained it's even more.

While officially you can not be pulled over for not wearing your seatbelt you can be stopped for a number of reasons. Like a tail light out, did use a turn signal, rolled through a stop sign or speeding.

Now it doesn't matter if you did any of these or not because all the officer has to say is you and that is why they stopped you saw you were not wearing your seatbelt and you get a nice $65 ticket.

If your children are unrestrained that will run you a cool $82 for each child. I'm sure that most of you are like me and don't have an extra $60 plus bucks sitting around you want to give the state.

So make sure you click that seat-belt in and save a few bucks and maybe your life.