Celebrated actor Leonard Nimoy recently announced he has been diagnosed with chronic lung disease. Now, he is going public with a very important message.

Earlier this week, Nimoy appeared with Piers Morgan, and discussed what led to his condition.

Nimoy's fans have been chiming in with support:

I've always adored Leonard Nimoy. He has a good message for people who smoke." - Dropjaw Bertone (Youtube)

"I love you, Leonard Nimoy - fantastic actor, and always charismatic! My mother passed away in 2012 after battling COPD for several years." - Terra G (Facebook)

"I nurse many people with COPD... many have never smoked in there lives. Just like cancer, you don't have to smoke to get it... it's in your body make up." - Mandy Jayne Wright (Facebook)

Some fan comments take off on a tangent, but we'll share one anyway:

"It saddens me that such a great man as Nimoy has to sit down and spend time with such a massive tw*% as Piers Morgan. They are galaxies apart." - Marco Capitao (Facebook)