On Tuesday, Sports Illustrated ran a story that Ray Lewis used a spray from Sports with Alternatives to Steroids (SWATS) to aid in his torn triceps injury. Lewis has denied using the spray and said Wednesday he was “agitated” by the report.  The spray, which is made from deer-antler and contains (IGF-1) a banned substance in the NFL, is to be used under the tongue and according to (SWATS) it will help you recover from an injury.

I’m not sold on this story from Sports Illustrated and here is why. I did some looking around on the web and found a story from the Baltimore Sun with Dr. Roberto Salvatori, a professor at Johns Hopkins University. Dr. Salvatori says that there isn’t an acceptable scientific way that (IGF-1) can be delivered orally. According to Dr. Salvatori the only way to get the (IGF-1) into the body is a shot into the blood stream.  Now, I’m not a doctor, but when a guy who is says “it’s just simply not possible for (IGF-1) to come from a spray” I believe him.

I know Sports Illustrated needs to sell as many copies as they can, but you would think a writer from S.I. would do the leg work and write a creditable story. It only took me about a half an hour to find the Dr. Salvatori story and I’m just a jock in Grand Junction.  Besides is Ray Lewis the kind of guy you want to tick off?