Puddle of Mudd canceled their Friday show at Flint's Machine Shop, was reportedly booed off the stage the next night in Ohio and now it appears that they've deleted their official Facebook page. That's one hell of a weekend!

Many were pissed about Wes Scantlin's failure to catch his flight to Flint fot their June 19th show, but nobody was really surprised. Even though his band made the trip, we're guessing they weren't surprised either. This is the guy's M.O. Even when he does show up there's about a 50/50 chance he gets arrested at the airport (happened twice this year already -- Denver and then Milwaukee) or gets pissed and walks off the stage. Seriously, look it up on YouTube and you'll find dozens of clips from different shows where he throws in the towel mid-set.

History aside, Wes did make it to the Midwest for Puddle of Mudd's show the next night (June 20th) in Versailles, Ohio. While we couldn't find video of the incident, several fans alerted us to the fact that the band was booed off the stage at some point in the night and did not complete their set. There was also mention of attempted lip-synching that didn't go over well. Again, we do not have official confirmation of this but many posted their displeasure with the band on their Facebook page (screenshot above, right). We then tried to see if there was video of that posted to their wall and.... BOOM! Their Facebook page was unavailable.

We know for a fact that it was active last week, as we went there to look for an official statement on their cancelation of the Flint show. The band or their management likely deleted it due to all of the negative feedback in response to the Flint and Versailles shows. Maybe it's time they delete their tour and give Wes some time to sort out whatever issues he has. When you have built a reputation of disrespecting fans and burning bridges like he has, deleting the band's Facebook page isn't going to fix the problem.