Patrick Roy is one of the most beloved sports figures in the history of Colorado sports, and he continues to build on his legacy as he is now in his first season as Colorado Avalanche head coach. But real Av's fans know that Patty wasn't just a great goaltender, he was also quite the hot-head. His son Frederick appears to have taken after pops with both hockey skills, and a mean tamper! 

Fredrick Roy plays hockey like dad, but isn't a goalie. Over the holiday week Roy was playing in the Spengler Cup, an annual holiday tournament, Roy got into a heated dispute with a Swiss club player. Problem is, this isn't the NHL, and fighting is not allowed in the tournament. So Roy was ejected from the game and, boy, was he not happy about it.

Careful, they tell me that if you know French you may be offended by the language Roy uses in the video below. If you don't know French, I bet you can probably guess what he is saying too.

This isn't the first time that one of Roy's sons has made a name for himself by causing trouble either. In 2008, one of Patrick Roy's other sons, Jonathan, was suspended for attacking an opposing goalie in a QMJHL game. Both Jonathan and Patrick Roy were suspended five games by the league for the incident, which was often labeled as a full-on assault.

And of course, there was daddy during his Avalanche coaching debut earlier this season...