Last night, February 20, 2013 the Grand Junction City Council approved plans to beautify North Ave. Grand Junction resident Levi Lucero also believes the days of North Ave. are done and over. He thinks the street needs a new name and is campaigning to rename the street to University Boulevard. Levi believes the name change would bring new life to the street and will bring it up to date with 'the times'.

The Grand Junction City Council approved measures to bring North Avenue, or what could be University Boulevard, an updated look like other parts of the city. There was unanimous approval from city council on a new zoning overlay map, which will bring many changes to North Avenue.

The new plan for North Ave. includes 50-foot easements for new development. 8-foot sidewalks and an 8 foot strip of landscaping. Grand Junction Principal Planner Dave Thornton said, "I just want to make a note that this is no different than any other new development in the community. The city has a $1.19-million dollar grant to upgrade landscaping on North Ave between 12th and 23rd.

Parts of the plan are merely suggestions for businesses along the street like parking in the back, as well as upgrades to benches, awnings and lighting. Once the road is safer for bicyclists bike lanes will be striped. An incentive program to encourage businesses to participate is in the works.

Many feel North Avenue has been neglected or forgotten over the years and is in desperate need of attention.