The NFL will continue the international series in 2015 as they announce the three games that will be played in London. This time all three games will be wrapped up by November 1st.

October 4th Miami will host the New York Jets
October 25th Jacksonville will play Buffalo
November 1st Kansas City will take on Detroit

This will mark the first time that the NFL will play games in London on back to back weekends. The one question I have is 'Why in the hell is the NFL in London'?

I know the fat cats who own the league are just looking for new cash flows to tap into but does any body really think a team in London is a good idea?

If the NFL moves a team to London just think about the travel nightmare that will cause each week. If the London team is coming to the states then they will need to pack up all the equipment, players and personal and fly them to what ever city they are playing in.

Then they will need to book the hotel for several days as there is no way they could just fly over and play the game. They would need a couple of days to fight off the jet-lag.

On the weeks that teams went to London the same thing, fly over early stay a few days and play the game. Then get back to the states and get ready for next weekends game.

How in the world would the teams make any money? You can't tell me that ticket and jersey sales would cover the cost of these trips. Sure the NFL has a great TV deal in the states but what kind of deal would the BBC do?

I doubt that it would be anything close to what the NFL gets in America and will fans really care? Sure these three games draw good crowds but if Jacksonville moved to London how long would it take before fans got boarded with a losing team?

I know it's all about the money but maybe the NFL should step back and look at what they really have in this country and focus on putting the best 32 teams can on the field.