It had to be the most awkward moment in beauty pageant history when emcee Steve Harvey mistakenly announced the wrong winner at the end of the Miss Universe Pageant Sunday night.

After Harvey announced that Miss Colombia was the new Miss Universe there was a minute of awkwardness as she stood on the stage waving to the crowd and looking very uncomfortable.

More awkwardness ensued when Harvey returned to the stage to acknowledge he had made a mistake and that Miss Philippines was actually the winner. Poor Miss Colombia, who did not understand English and had no clue was going on.

Nobody seemed to know what to do. Steve Harvey, Miss Colombia and Miss Philippines all standing on the stage looking stunned, bewildered, and confused.

And, then, the most awkward moment of all when the crown was removed from the head of Miss Colombia and placed on the head of the real winner, Miss Philippines.

You have to feel bad for Miss Colombia who went from complete joy and rapture, to utter heartbreak. And, then, there's Steve Harvey. Nobody feels worse about the mistake than he does. It's not the end of the world, but here's one gaffe that the comedian will never live down. Now, he's hoping to just go back to hosting Family Feud, where he looks way more comfortable.