Friday night when the Chicago Wolves took on the Rockford Icehogs a fight spilled over into the tunnel and had to be broken up the police. In pro stadiums the teams have their own tunnels to come in and out but in other buildings they use the same tunnels and sometimes this happens.

Ty Rattie of the Wolves has a fight with Bobby Shea of the Icehogs, as the second periods comes to an end with both players being sent to their locker rooms. That is when Shea tries to sneak up on Rattie and sucker punch him.

Shea tries the old crawl up on Rattie and punch him. It looks funny but I will tell you the league will have a little note in Shea’s paycheck. He might even get a little time off for his effort. The league knows fights will happen but these types of actions are a big no-no.