The Mesa County Sheriff's Office has been looking for, but unable to locate, the guns used in a shooting in Molina and are asking people to help them with the search.

The weapons were used in a shooting that injured three men in Molina at a residence in the 53100 block of LE 1/2 Road on October 5. The suspects in the case were arrested the following morning near the I-70 and Highway 65 interchange.

The Sheriff's Office says the weapons could be anywhere between Collbran and I-70 and are asking anyone who owns property along or near Highway 65 to search their property.

Also, those who are in the area hiking, fishing or for other recreation are asked to be especially alert and report any firearm found.

If you locate one or more guns, the Sheriff's Office says not to touch the weapon. Mark the location and contact the Sheriff's Office at 970-242-6707.

[Mesa County Sherrif's Office]