You’ve heard the phrase ‘pencil neck geek.’ How about pencil head freak?

In a story that we can only imagine many newscasts “lead” with, doctors in Germany say a man lived with a pencil in his neck for 15 years.

Back in 2011 the 24-year-old man, originally from Afghanistan, sought treatment after years of headaches, colds and poor vision. Eventually, a scan revealed a four-inch pencil was taking up space between his sinus and pharynx (whatever that is), causing injuries to his eye socket.

Even more amazing is the man has no idea how the pencil wound up taking space in his noggin, although he did recall taking a bad spill as a kid.

Let's cut the guy some slack. He's from Afghanistan and it’s probably difficult to keep tabs on the amount of injuries you sustain in a country where violence is easier to find than sand. Fortunately, the man had the pencil removed.

Now, maybe he can focus on that missing Magic Marker and why it always hurts to sit down.