The guy who decided to jump out of a monorail into the tiger encloseure at the Bronx Zoo Friday 'momentarily' lost common sense, according to police. As he heals up in the hospital from his injuries, he can look forward to the trespassing charges he now faces.

David Villalobo, who is not crazy and was not drunk according to police, was hospitalized Friday with a broken right shoulder, broken rib, collapsed lung, broken ankle, broken pelvis and puncture wounds. The 25 year old apparently had been visiting the Bronx Zoo over the last month and a half or so and had a desire to be, "one with the tiger." Police say he lost his common sense in the stunt that is said to have not been a suicide attempt.

New York police have charged the 'not crazy' jumper, who claims to have pet one of the tigers, with trespassing charges. A fire extinguisher was used to separate a tiger from David and he rolled under electric wires which officials say likely saved his life.

The Bronx Zoo describes Tiger Mountain as allowing visitors to 'go nose-to-nose with Siberian tigers', which is exactly what David did Friday. Police say the injuries David sustained from his act of stupidity seem to mostly be connection from his 17 foot leap out of the monorail.