"Go check it out." I'm told. Ok, I lived in Hot Springs, Arkansaw for a couple years so I'm thinking it's a tourist town, right? A few bath houses, live music, and maybe a casino?

Wrong. What you locals know that I didn't is that Orvis Hot Springs is a clothing optional hot springs resort. I must admit the idea is intriguing but the few times I've experienced anything "clothing optional" those taking advantage of the opportunity are the ones you wish wouldn't have. So what's the deal? Is this something all new arrivals to the area are supposed to experience? Are you not "officially" a local until you've done the thing?

I'm really not a believer in the idea that soaking in hot spring water is going to cleanse my body of toxins or somehow make me sleep better. The entire time I was in Arkansas I stuck my hands in the hot water in downtown Hot Springs maybe a couple times. So why would I want to do this? Until someone can convince me otherwise, I think I'll take a pass on Orvis hot springs. Isn't there a lake somewhere around here? Perhaps a cove where everyone gathers on a holiday weekend? Having spent many a Labor Day weekend at Lake of the Ozarks, perhaps I'd feel more at home at a place like that.