There are apps for hooking upbreaking upreviewing potential partners, and now there's an app that tells you when it’s time to have sex with your partner!  According to its developers, Kahnoodle supposedly seeks to “gamify” relationships (as if love doesn’t already involve enough game-playing). 

So does that mean you get a badge every time you go down on your lady??

Not really, here is how it really works... You and your lover put together a list of things you like the other person to do. When they do them, you award them “Kudos,” which one partner can award the other after an appreciated act of relationshippery. This fills up a “love tank.” If the tank gets low, the app suggests something nice to do for one’s significant other. When the tank is full, you also get to feel up something else....

Other options include sending push notifications to initiate sex; “Koupons” that entitle the bearer to redeemable movie nights and kinky sex.

The only thing worse than your significant other not doing anything romantic at all is him or her doing something romantic because their phone told them to... Can't we just have sex all the time, because we want to?!