Justin Bieber has driven everyone crazy in one way or another. Whether it's pre-teens who want to be the mother of his children, their mothers who want to birth his children, anyone not either of those categories and now it's men with Justin Bieber tattoos in prison(Those guys also want his junk, really!).

Dana Martin who is in prison for life roped a fellow inmate Mark Staake to murder some people when he got out of prison. Mark got his nephew Tanner to help him before they were busted at the U.S.-Canadian border, because they 'got lost'.

Dana picked the wrong dude to do the job because Mark happens to have 'Bieber Fever'.The felon is so hardcore that Justin's face is tattooed on his leg. He rolled and the next day his nephew was busted with the pruning shears. They had planned to use those to cut off the part most prized by any man. One can only assume that would be 'the evidence' the job was done or possibly a trophy, possibly a celebrity memorabilia auction?