Just in time for Valentines Day later this week, a new study found that all kinds of people have said “I love you” to a partner when they didn't really mean it! 

A third of women have told a partner that they loved them when they didn't, often because their partner had said it first and because they felt under pressure to say it back. A fifth of men admitted to doing the same thing.

At least their hearts are in the right place- many women admit to saying those three little words because their man said it first and they didn’t want to hurt their feelings.  Others have dishonestly declared love during a passionate moment, or because it simply seemed like the right thing to do at the time.

Almost 60% of people don’t waste any time, telling a new partner they love them within the first month of dating. There is no way they have fallen in love in a month though, so a good piece of advice on if your partner says I love you during the first month... They want a piece of ass, and are willing to do anything to get it! Be careful, because about half of people whose partners said “I love you” first didn’t say it back... JERKS!