Don't look now America but LSD could be the next big breakthrough in mental health treatment. Over the past 15 years, researchers have found that some drugs, that have been illegal, have some real heath benefits and uses.

The brain is a complex organ that we know very little about, but the last 20 years we have been able to really study it. Now it looks like Timothy Leary was right and we should tune in with psychoactive drugs.

That doesn't mean we should run out and drop LSD and start tripping our brains out. What it does mean to me is that researchers should be allowed to study these drugs and their effects.

Pharmaceutical companies make millions on drugs that cause everything from heart attacks to bleeding from your rectum. Just watch any drug commercial and listen to the list of side effects, why would you take any of that stuff?

Once a drug is deemed illegal or illicit that is it, there isn't any research or studies done and I think that is wrong.

Just look at marijuana. If you think it's just a bunch of pot heads wanting to get high, tell that to the parents of kids who suffer from epilepsy.

Some of those kids have over 100 seizures per day and the THC treatment has really helped. So much, so that some people have moved to Colorado just for the fact.

So before you turn a blind eye, think about this, If the next psychotic episode from a mentally ill person can be stopped before they go on some shooting rampage what is that worth?

In my opinion everything should be on the table, it should all be studied and if there are real benefits then it should used.