You might want to buckle up and put that helmet on because we are going for a ride with these insane dash cam videos from mother Russia.

I'm sure most of you have noticed that some people in Western Colorado just struggle with winter driving and Russia is no different. I don't know what it is, but some just don't get that ice and snow on the roads make them slick.

Last November I went to Denver for the weekend and had to drive through a snow storm to get there. As I got past Vail on snow packed roads a guy in a Hummer passed the line of cars I was in at about 55.

Now a Hummer is a good vehicle with four wheel drive but that didn't help much. About a half mile down the road, the Hummer was in the median with the driver and one of the passengers trying to push it out.

There were a few inches of snow and the ground was pretty wet so the Hummer wasn't going anywhere, at least not until the tow truck showed up.

Make sure you watch this video until the end. There is a very close call that you might want to watch a couple of times.