Not because we think they're attractive, they're not. We want to bring these puppies back because women are wearing them, and even though they look terrible, they're probably really comfortable. We are jealous, and fair is fair. 

Just before summer, we thought we were hallucinating when we started seeing pretty, stylish babes all over the streets of manhattan wearing big, baggy-crotched pants. Alas, the circus was not in town, nor were we having an acid flashback. Instead, fashion was having a flashback to the dark days of MC Hammer. Rebranded as 'Harem Pants,' these puppies were everywhere:

We even saw some marketed towards men, but it never really caught on. We're all to blame for that, we'll admit that we laughed at them. A lot. Now that shorts season is behind us, though, we would like to re-address this issue. These things look really comfortable. Can we get a do-over?