Looks like we found our idiot of the day! C + F Food store on North Avenue in Grand Junction was robbed Tuesday (October 29) morning by a 24 year old man using a staple gun -- he could have literally "stuck them up."

Milton Telemaque, 24-year-old Grand Junction resident, was arrested Tuesday morning at 4 am, just after he robbed C + F Food on North Avenue.

The clerk at C + F told police that he recognized Telemanque because his disguise fell off as he was approaching the counter. The clerk said that he only had an article of clothing wrapped around his head.

Telemanque left the store after losing his super-creative disguise, only to return to grab some cash and dash out. The clerk said he saw something shiny and thought it was a gun or deadly weapon.

Telemanque was apprehended and admitted to robbing the store using a staple gun. He is being charged with aggravated robbery, felony menacing and obstructing a peace officer.

He's also being charged with not thinking things through -- we don't support crime, but come on man! A staple gun? What were was he going to do, put up his own wanted posters?

Telemanque learned the hard that "Staples? It's Really Not That Easy!"