This comes right out of the "strange and weird" files; a Grand Junction female tries to break into jail, not out! Deputies at the Mesa County Jail were alerted as the fence alarms started going off around 4 am Monday (April 28) morning.

One would think that 4 am is a pretty quite time at the Mesa County jail will all of the inmates in their bunks and locked in their cells.

Most of the guards were probably doing paperwork and getting ready for shift change when the silence was broken by the perimeter alarm going off.

Now, imagine their surprise when they found someone trying to break into jail, not out!

Monique Armstrong was found climbing the chain-link fence, which is topped with razor wire, now I’m not an expert or anything but doesn’t that stuff cut you up pretty well if you get into it?

Anyway, Armstrong got her wish as she was arrested and jailed for criminal trespassing, criminal mischief and violation of bail bonds conditions.

Maybe she missed her 18-year-old brother who was locked up, for the second time in two weeks, for driving under the influence of drugs or she just needed a place to sleep.

Armstrong was charged with violation of bail bonds conditions, which means she has an on going case in Mesa Country. Maybe she got hooked up with some very bad people and she is scared for her life. It wouldn’t be the first time that sort of thing has happened.

[Mesa County Sheriff's Office]