The 2013 Parade of Lights in Grand Junction is a bitter memory -- as in bitter cold. The 2014 version of the parade looks to be a whole lot warmer.

Let me refresh your memory. One year ago today in Grand Junction, the high temperature was 12 degrees, as a nasty inversion settled over the Grand Valley, and we didn't see a temperature above freezing until after Christmas. The high temperature on the day of the Parade of Lights was 23, so you can imagine how cold it was at 5:00 when it was dark and the parade began. It was so cold, even the art on the corner sculptures were shivering.

This year's forecast is quite favorable.At this point, there is a slight chance of rain on Saturday with a high temperature in the upper 40s. Not that I'm going to be wearing shorts and flip flops in the parade, but compared to last year it's going to feel nice enough to. Yes, it's still going to be chilly when the sun goes down, but nothing at all like the bitter cold of one year ago.

(Downtown Grand Junction)

If you are going to the parade - and I hope you are -- keep in mind that parking is not allowed on Main Street after 3pm on December 6th. The ban was enacted by the City Council last month. Vehicles violating the ban will be towed to a lot a few blocks away. Parade attendees are encouraged to utilize the parking garage on Rood --first floor parking is free--or one of the lots along Colorado Avenue. Most metered parking spaces are free through New Year's.

By the way, our float is #68, so we will be in the last half of the parade. The theme of this year's parade is "Let it Snow" - which we hope it doesn't. Be sure and give us a shout when you see us on the parade route!

Parade Route

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