Fruita is looking at banning smoking in public parks.

Really? Fruita wants to ban smoking outside?

I'm not a smoker but I have friends and coworkers that are and this idea seems like overkill to me. Not allowing smoking in closed and indoor spaces makes sense, outdoors not so much.

I believe that second-hand smoke is a real thing but someone smoking near me never bothered me. I hit 21 in the early 80s and throughout the 90s going to a bar or club meant dealing with effects of smokers. At the end of the night, your clothes and hair smelled like smoke. Even your pillow would smell smokey if you crashed without a shower.

All that took place inside closed, confined, spaces. I don't recall experiencing any of those effects while hanging around smokers outside.

Fruita is looking to ban smoking in public parks. City officials discussed the idea at their workshop Tuesday evening. They’re trying to figure out what a smoking ban might look like. Would the considered ban be for "kid-centered" parks or the entire park system?  The other question was about what kinds of tobacco products would be banned. Everything was discussed from chewing tobacco to e-cigs.

Right now, Fruita bans tobacco use in its bike park, the skate park, and in the public pool area. If you didn't know, the city of Grand Junction has a smoking ban in all of its parks. No, I didn't know, and yes, I think it's ridiculous too.

Credit: KJCT8