Here's a video you have to see to believe. A little girl feeding six hungry Pit Bulls. Do you think her parents are putting her in danger with this chore?

I don't know what you think, but the girl appears to have complete and total control over the dogs. It's as if she's a 'Pit Bull Whisperer'. She even calls and commands each dog by name.

If you know anything about training dogs, it's easy to detect the girl has been taught how to give the dogs both the visual and audible commands they've been trained to respond to. Credit the parents for that much.

People would be applauding this video as the cutest thing on the web if the dogs were poodles. The video is cute, but the fact these are pit bulls and not poodles makes a lot of people nervous.

Which brings us back to the original question, do you think the girl's parents are putting her in danger? Your comments are not only welcomed, but encouraged below.