Cereal lovers were ecstatic to learn that the Monster Cereals, namely Frankenberry, Count Chocula, and Boo Berry would make a limited return for Halloween. Tragically, many of these very same cereal lover will be disappointed to learn the cereals aren't the same as we remember from the 70s.

After a long and exhaustive search, I managed to find what I believe to have been the last remaining box of Frankenberry cereal left in the valley. There was plenty of Count Chocula to be found, but Count Chocula sucks in my opinion. Boo Berry was long departed from this Earth. Given the absence of any Boo Berry, I had to settle for sucky Count Chocula.

You can no doubt imagine my delight at recapturing this treasure from my youth. Unfortunately, my extreme joy was quickly extinguished with one horrifying discovery.

Monster cereals, despite the makers claims they have returned, are in fact not the least bit recognizable compared to the cereals I remember.

Frankenberry had little pink flaky pieces of cereal and a ton of tiny little pink marshmallows. Count Chocula sucked, so I can't recall what it was like. Boo Berry was cool just like Frankenberry.

You may not be aware of this, but if you are like me and don't like using milk in cereal, Boo Berry could be mixed with water to make for  a part of a complete and nutritious breakfast.

Observe the photo below. In the bowl at right, you'll note a total of three, precisely three, marshmallows. We won't even discuss the Count Chocula at left because it sucks.

*Please note: I am fully aware my dishes are very effeminate. Please don't laugh, my Mom gave them to me.

Waylon Jordan

Personally, this strikes me as false advertising.

When General Mills announced the Monster Cereals were making a return, I assumed it was going to be the same formula. In this case, it's simply some "generic" cereals placed in a box with our familiar characters. Foul I say!

Now in all fairness, after trying the new cereal, it turns out it's really pretty good. Nevertheless, Foul I say!