Facebook will celebrate it's 10th birthday next week. And to celebrate, Time.com has created a special Facebook calculator to calculate how much time you have spent on Facebook in your life, and make you hate yourself a little bit because of it. 

It's really easy, and the results will probably make you pee in your drawers a little (at least I did)... You enter into Time's Facebook calculator an approximate number of minutes you spend on Facebook per day (and don't lie to your friends). Time then briefly logs onto your profile... Not the crazy ex sort of way, just the steal some of your personal info sort of way, but every website does that these days, so you're safe. The website then calculates how much activity you're responsible for since first logging onto the site.

I put my info in about 10 minutes ago, and the thing is still counting... Oh wait, just stopped finally. According to this, I have wasted 117 days of my life on here. WOW!!


If you care, you want to argue that this is bullsh**, or you're a math-geek, here is how this calculator that just ruined my life works according to Time:

Facebook doesn’t publicize data on exactly how often a user logs in, though you can bet that they’ve got that information. In lieu of that measurement, this app runs through the timestamps on every post in your feed until it reaches the earliest one, which it uses as the estimated date that you created your profile. Users who are extraordinarily active on the site may get an estimate that is considerably later than the actual date that they joined.

I think I will find a hobby now...

Find out how much of your life has been lost to this evil thing here.