Now that there is a new CBA it’s time for the NHL to hit the ice. Training camp opened on Sunday and after a short week of practice the NHL season will start on Saturday. Due to the lock out the NHL will have a 48 game season and teams will only play conference games. Here are the first few games for the Colorado Avalanche.


1/19 at the Minnesota Wild

1/22 vs. the Los Angeles Kings

1/24 vs. the Columbus Bluejackets

1/26 at the San Jose Sharks

1/28 at the Edmonton Oilers

1/30 at the Vancouver Canucks

1/31 at the Calgary Flames

The Avalanche will start February with a four game home stand against the Oilers, Stars, Ducks and Coyotes. If you have never been to a game now is a great time. Many teams have announced a nice ticket deal to make up with fans. I would jump on these deals and go to a game.