If you’re looking to rent a car the U.K. might be the place to go. The Pembrokeshire Herald ran a printed ad for Enterprise Car Rental which listed their low rates, free pick-up and, well you'll just have to click to see!

Nearly 20,000 copies of the paper containing the obscene ad had been delivered before the ballsy prank was discovered. It turns out that a number of adverts had additional copy inserted into them after they had been proofed and signed off but none as blatantly as the Enterprise ad.

Tom Sinclair said “I would like to make it absolutely clear that the adverts were altered without the knowledge of our advertisers or this newspaper” he is also asking the police to investigate the matter to find the person or persons responsible for the obscene prank. Enterprise Car Rental has yet to comment on the ad but think about what a happy ending for just renting a car.

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