Over the weekend in northernMarylanda drunken man driving a tractor was arrested for a tractor theft, and then attempted an escape act. 42-year-old Michael Brian Myers was charged with burglary, theft and escape from custody after his Houdini act.

12:38 a.m. Harford County Sheriff's were called out on a report of an intoxicated tractor driver on the road but deputies did not find the tractor. Then at 4:53 a.m. Deputies got another call but this time the tractor was pulling a snow blower, I guess he was worried about the snow in July.


This time Deputies found the tractor and a drunken man. The man provided a false name to deputies, who, upon determining his correct name, Mike Myers, found he was wanted on a warrant for probation violation. He was arrested on that warrant.


This is where the escape comes in. While deputies were speaking with the owner of the tractor and snow blower, Myers somehow escaped through the rear window of a patrol car. Deputies, K-9 units and a state police helicopter were called out and with in a couple of hours Myers was apprehended again. 


I get cru sin around the tractor after a few beers but the snow blower? That just screams I’m drunk.