The Hells Angels were at least at one point known as some of the baddest dudes you could possibly cross paths with. Mess with them, and you were sure to get an ass beating. But it's 2013, and if you mess with the Hells Angels today, your ass might be saved, but they will come after your pocket books. 

The Hells Angels are suing 8732 Apparel and Dillard's Inc. in federal court, claiming trademark infringement of its famous skull-with-wings logo known as the Hells Angels Death Head.

The clothing line was created by Atlanta rapper Young Jeezy for 8732, said to be an acronym for United Street Dope Boys. The brand takes its inspiration from hip-hop and ' hustlers' on urban streets.

Not the first time a rapper has ripped off something classic... Instead of suing him, I say we bring back celebrity death match and see who the real "hustler's" of the streets are!