The Denver Broncos have named Jack Del Rio as interim head coach as John Fox will miss time due to heart surgery.

This really is an easy choice for the Broncos as I’m sure John Elway will want someone on the sideline that the players respect and look to as a leader. I don’t think the Broncos will miss a beat.

Del Rio was head coach of Jacksonville for nine years so he knows how to talk to the officials and understands the workings of the game. He also knows how to deal with the players, because he has been there for a couple of years, I would say he has creditability in the locker room.

The game plan is in place so he won’t have to reinvent the wheel, he also has one of the best field generals in the history of the game, you let that guy do his thing and keep the rest of the team on track. That is all he has to do. This is a solid team and there is no reason for panic at all.

I think this is a dress rehearsal for Del Rio, if the Broncos win it all this year it wouldn’t surprise me to see John Fox retire. 58-year-old Fox is having heart surgery and being a head coach is a pretty stressful job. If that happens Jack Del Rio seems like the best choice to replace him and I think that is just one of the reasons he didn’t take the USC job when it became open.

If I were Del Rio I would rather take over a top NFL team than spend a few years trying to rebuild the USC program. That thing is a mess right now.