Note to self, don't store Super Glue near the bed.

A couple in New York found themselves in a sticky situation after they mistakenly grabbed a tube of Super Glue instead of their lube. Matthew Caleda, 41, and Martha Weizman, 36, were taken to the hospital to be disentangled from their coital position.

Just imagine, walking into a hospital ER to see two naked adults stuck together at their naughty parts like a bad porn gone worse. Even though paramedics tried to cover the unclothed united, it was apparent what the heck was going on.

Here's the best part -- we're sure this guy has never lasted this long -- the copulating couple had to endure three hours of surgery to pull the bolt from the box. At least they walked away unscathed, maybe a little shaken up and definitely embarrassed.

Now we've heard it all!

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