A New Mexico millionaire has hidden a chest full of millions of dollars of gold coins, diamonds, emeralds and other gems in hopes to get people into the great outdoors. 82-year-old Forrest Fenn feels that Americans spend too much time in front of their TV’s and video games so he hid the treasure to get you off your bums.

Fenn hid the treasure about three years ago in a secret spot in New Mexico with two goals. First, to get people into the outdoors in hopes they would fall in love with America’s best natural resource. The second was to pass along what he calls the “thrill of the chase”, something he has had for some seven decades.
Fenn’s autobiography titled “The Thrill of the Chase” has a map to the treasure in it. A poem with nine clues in it and if you can figure them out the treasure is yours. Treasure hunters good luck and if you find it don’t forget where you heard about it.