After a six-year decline, felonies in Mesa County were back on the rise in 2012. Last year was the first year, since 2006, that the Mesa County District Attorney's Office has seen a rise in felonies.

As of December 29, 2012 the number of felony cases filed in Mesa County, Colorado was 1,480. An increase from 2011 when 1,466 cases were filed which was significantly less than the 1,656 filed in 2010. The record high was 2005 with 2,223 felony cases and the decline began after that, until last year.

The increase in 2012 wasn't surprising to Mesa County District Attorney Pete Hautzinger. Although he didn't have an explanation for the increase other than, "You can only reduce things so far."

Crime declines over the last six years have been credited to increased meth enforcement and treatment for addicts. Grand Junction saw an increase in violent crime a year ago with 211 cases in 2011 compared to 164 in 2010.