A local downtown business is celebrating 20 years of success. Loki, Grand Junction's local outerwear retailer, started back in January of 1997.

Ray Michaels

It's not "official" until January but the store wanted to start celebrating early and offering special deals just in time for the holidays.

Ray Michaels

Owners and brothers, Seth and Dirk Anderson, came up with the idea for Loki while climbing mount Sneffels. They wanted to have less gear, that does more for you, and that's the foundation these two brothers built their company on.

They're products include built in mitts on jacket sleeves, a multi functional hood with built in mask and turtle neck, and even a sweater that turns into a backpack. They've been in downtown Junction since the summer of 2013.

Why the name Loki?  What's that all about?  According to the Anderson brothers, "Loki is the Norse God of mischief. He has the power to transform, so it's a double entendre. It's low-key, Loki. So it's unobtrusively transformational."

Both Seth and Dirk Anderson want to say "thank you" to the community for the continued support over the past 20 years. Shop and support local business this holiday season and congrats to Loki for 2 decades of success!