Live television can be a terrifying experience if something inappropriate slips by on your watch. This morning (March 18, 2014) the folks over at Good Day Colorado had one of those moments that I'm sure they all wish they could take back.

You can see a clip of what happened at the link below, but the website has profane language and the video clip is definitely not safe for work or for young eyes.

If you don't want to see, here's the gist: The Good Day anchors were all sitting around talking about the horrible helicopter crash in Seattle this morning and they were showing some pictures of the news from Twitter. Whatever Twitter tag they had used to search for pictures was not the one they should have been using. First, there was a picture of smoke billowing next to the space needle, then a picture of Edward Scissorhands, then an omelet or pastry of some kind, and then...a big ol' set of man parts hanging out of some guy's jeans.

It was only on the air for a split-second, but thanks to the Internet, the little SNAFU is now everywhere.

I feel bad for the anchors who were obviously surprised by the picture. I'm amazed Kirk Yuhnke could even keep his composure and finish his sentence. (I can only imagine the kind of screaming that was coming through all of their earpieces at that moment.)

The worst part is that most people probably thought it was Kirk's iPad that had the inappropriate photo on it, but the image actually came from the Fox 31 control room and the anchor had no control over it. Here they were, trying to report breaking news about a horrible tragedy and a picture like that slips into their broadcast. Probably not the best day to be in that newsroom.

Here is the apology from Fox 31.


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