Have you ever considered the idea of being the proprietor of a saloon? How about a historic saloon in a small Colorado town? Here's your chance.

Imagine, if you will, owning and operating a 120-year-old saloon in historic Silverton, Colorado. This amazing property located at 1260 Empire Street in Silverton is on the market now, and the price is right. Okay, so $499,000 doesn't exactly grow on trees, but look at what you get.

This site is located in a high-traffic location on historic Blair Street, just one block from the DSNGRR train stop. Seriously, this thing is a real piece of Americana.

According to Realtor.com the property includes:

  • large bar/restaurant space
  • equipped commercial kitchen
  • large south-facing deck
  • private courtyard
  • three bedroom apartment
  • five bathrooms
  • sauna
  • balcony
  • 3,428 square feet

What if you're not interested in being a saloon owner? Well, this house can be used, and has been used, as a private residence. Zoning allows for any of the following:

  • commercial
  • retail
  • multi-family
  • residential

The possibilities are endless. Personally, I find something appealing about the idea of being the proprietor of a saloon. I'm not sure why. I really don't drink much, and am not much of a social butterfly. Then again, how amazing would this be. Why not take a little tour?

Give this property and its possibilities some serious consideration. I have no affiliation with the owners or the realtor representing them, so I have no personal interest in the sale. I do, however, have a genuine interest in properties such as this and their potential. This might be the investment, or better yet, the business opportunity, you've been dreaming of.

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